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Well, all the lambs are now out with their mothers in nice green fields with fresh green grass. They are all leaping about enjoying life whilst their mothers are munching away, enjoying the company of their friends. All the lambs have had their first Heptavac P jabs which protects them from nasties.

The rest of the sheep are in their individual fields, taking advantage of the new Spring grass, shearling rams in one and shearling ewes in another, well away from the boys.

Everything looks wonderful but it is that time of the year when we need to check everybody over and do whatever is necessary to ensure continuing good health. Worming, if necessary, Booster vaccinations. Dirty bottoms dagged out. Feet trimmed.

We are very lucky to have great vets who work with us on our Animal Health Plan.
Last week we took samples of every group of sheep and took them in poo pots to the vets who sent them away to look to see what worm burden we had, if any. It’s also that time of year when Nematodirus, which is a very ugly disease which cause mortalities in lambs and stunts the growth of others, raises it’s ugly head.

Our results came back and we acted accordingly. No signs as yet of Nematodirus so we will hang on for a week or so and get their faeces checked before worming with Rycoban, a white drench which gets rid of the nasty critters and also has added minerals which benefit the lambs.

The shearling rams were brought in, given booster jabs of Heptavac P, wormed,with a different drench from last year, dagged out and feet trimmed. Then back off to their pastures.

Next came the shearling ewes for the same treatment.

The mothers of the lambs are being addressed today as we have an awful lot of green bottoms and they need worming with a different drench from last year. They were dagged out before being put out and their feet were trimmed but you can never have too many pedicures. They had their boosters of Heptavac before their lambs were born so don’t need another.

Looking out at the very contented ,healthy sheep gives me a really good feeling of well being. Healthy sheep and lambs are happy sheep. Our shearlings are growing so well and, come September, the rams will be ready to do a great job.

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