Border Leicester sheep, their uses, advantages and where to get them!

Read on through our site where you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding the history, description and uses of the Border Leicester sheep, their fleeces and their beautiful wool!

I hope that this site will help you discover the true potential of the amazing, versatile Border Leicester! A wonderful sheep with over 200 years of history!

About the Border Leicester Breed

On our site you will read all sorts of interesting information – how the breed came to be – what a Border Leicester should look like – what the Border Leicester can do for other breeds.

Border Leicester Sheep For Sale

In this section we let you know what sheep are available for sale. All our sheep are mv accredited,scrapie genotyped, tattooed with the correct details, year of birth, flock number, individual numbers and correct tag numbers.

We do offer sheep for export to Europe and are very experienced in this matter.

Photos of rams and ewes born last year (2021) (shearlings) will be uploaded in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you have any requests for info on availability please contact Ellie on 07860 363742.

Doulton Border Leicester Wool

Seven years ago the first pure Border Leicester yarn was processed from the Doulton Flock. All the fleeces were hand picked for this Limited Edition Yarn from the flock which is slaughter-free.

The yarn itself is so beautiful and comes in 3 weights. and 27 tempting shades in DK and 4 ply plus 9 wonderful shades in our breathtaking Aran.

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