Lambing at the Doulton Flock

Lambing has just finished at the Doulton Flock.

We put our rams out with their ewes in mid October last year. We picked this date as we do not want early lambs as we sell shearlings, mainly to commercial farmers for crossing on to their own breeds. This has always been the breed’s primary raison d’etre which is why the Border Leicester is known as “the sheep industries Great Improver”.

Last year we put out 4 rams, picked by us for their particular traits of good conformation, tights skins, good mouths, length and straight top lines.

Our buyers are looking to add these strengths to their flocks of breeding ewes and butcher’s lambs.The Border Leicester adds all of these plus gives hybrid vigour and milkiness from the ewe.

Our stock tups last year were Spotsmains Diamond, Doulton Crazy Horse, Doulton Tom Cat and Doulton Dandy.

We purchased Spotsmains Diamond a couple of years ago from a well known flock from the borders who have now dispersed. John Mauchlen had very good ewes and Diamond’s father, Doulton Classic, a Kelso Champion and Great Yorkshire winner, was purchased from us several years ago. and used as his stock tup.
Diamond was his last son. He has many of his father’s great traits. He is a big sheep, with length, a great top line, good mouth, white hair, great skin and is well up on his toes. He has thrown many good lambs in the years we have had him and we are very pleased with him. This year has been no exception and we are very happy with the lambs he has produced with our home bred ewes.

Doulton Crazy Horse is by a Clola ram. He is a very large , lengthy ram, with a good skin, straight top line, good mouth and is up on his toes.He has consistently produced good lambs which have sold very well to commercial buyers at Welshpool. We are pleased with his lambs this year.

Doulton Tom Cat, son of Spotsmains Top Gun, champion shearling ram at Kelso is a chip off his father’s block. Top Gun was purchased by us at Kelso and clicked immediately with our homebred ewes, producing some outstanding lambs, both male and female. The rams sold exceptionally well at Welshpool and we had many great reports about their progeny from the commercial farmers.
Tom Cat has all of his father’s attributes, size, length, top line, tight skin, good mouth and lots more inherited from his homebred mother’s line. He has been working for the last two years and has produced many fine lambs.

Finally our latest ram, Doulton Dandy, son of one of our great stock tups, Doulton Paragon. Paragon was one of the best tups we ever bred. He was absolutely perfect in conformation, with the best tight skin I have ever seen, a wonderful mouth, a great top, wonderful white hair on his head, no black or blue blemishes anywhere and well up on his toes. His progeny sold exceptionally well and the commercial buyers loved them. They did an exceptional job, producing wonderful very white ewe lambs.

We do sell our shearling rams to Border Leicester breeders too. People who want very correct sheep buy from us.

Interested parties can contact us and come and see the sheep at home in their working clothes.

This year’s lambs are growing steadily on and I have already spotted some outstanding ones!

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Lambs In Creche
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