The Doulton Flock Of Pedigree Border Leicesters

BLA 45
Mv accredited

Eleanor Stokeld
Old Nunthorpe
Great Ayton

Tel: 07860 363742

Meet The Breeder Ellie Stokeld and The Doulton Flock

Very correct sheep always for sale.
Good skins, up on their toes, good mouths.
Rams for sale from home, Kelso, and Welshpool.

Sires used 2019: Spotsmains Top Gun , Doulton Paragon, Doulton Crazy Horse

Spotsmains Top Gun was purchased by us as Champion of Kelso Ram sales for £1300.
He is a very long, upright sheep with good mouth, good teeth, great top, tight skin and is up on his toes.
He has thrown many good lambs for us.

Doulton Paragon is a home bred ram by Westforth Zeus, out of a homebred ewe.
He has the very best skin I have ever seen on a Border Leicester. He is extremely correct, with a great top, good mouth and beautiful white hair. He is up on his toes. He has thrown many good lambs since we started using him.

Doulton Crazy Horse was bred from a Lyham ewe and sired by Clola El Classico, by Muirmouth Mustang.
He is a very big ram, with a great top, good mouth, tight skin, wonderful white hair and is up on his toes. Only used last year, he has produced some very fine lambs.

We started our flock in 1996 with the purchase of 2 ewe lambs from dispersal sales. These quickly grew into 20, then 30 and now we have 250 sheep.
I was very lucky to find a wonderful mentor, Jim Stobo OBE, who allowed us to use his wonderful ram, Low Milton Referendum, who was purchased for £7,800,  from the Low Milton flock owned by Jim Guthrie, a superb stockman and flock master.
Jim mentored me for many years and taught me almost everything I know about the Border Leicester. He advised me on which lambs to buy, which to keep my distance from and how to turn them out for sales. Without him I believe I would not still be keeping Border Leicesters.

We have tried our best to produce what the end customer wants. We must never forget that the Border Leicester was the sheep industries Great Improver., and whilst it is nice to produce a sheep with “big lugs” and all the other fine attributes, we must remember that the majority of these wonderful sheep go to commercial men. Their flocks quite often lamb outside up on the hills and need lambs which will survive inclement weather. Good tight skins, good conformation and mouths are needed. As one commercial man pure to me “there is no requirement for a lamb whose coat divides in wet weather".

We try our very best to produce a good end product, one which will do the job required and ensure that the customers come back to the Border Leicester again and again for all the right reasons.

Unfortunately, the Border Leicester has become unfashionable and other crossing sires have taken its place in the last 6 or 8 years. There are many reasons for this happening. Small groups of breeders within the Border Leicesters have chosen to alter the appearance of the sheep, which quite obviously has not been what the commercial wanted. Other breeds have emerged and been marketed very well, against the Borders. Lots of reasons really.
Now we are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust list as we don't have as many breeding ewes as we should have. Many sheep are being bought to use as show animals and probably never see a ram. I could go on and on but will stop here.

We sell sheep from home here in North Yorkshire and, to be honest, prefer it, The potential buyer can see the sheep in it’s home environment, see it’s sire and dam and see how it is produced and fed.
We also sell from Kelso and Welshpool. We have many return customers.

Over the years we have exported many “starter” flocks to Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium and are very proficient in doing this. If you are at all interested in importing any please give us a call.

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