Doulton Border Leicester yarn is made from the fleeces of sheep that live to grow old. These rare breed sheep produce beautiful fleeces with a long staple length and distinct crimp. This fibre spins to a wonderfully lofty yarn with a lovely natural spring and bounce to it. The handle of the yarn makes it a joy to work with for quick and easy projects and intricate colour work alike: it slips smoothly on and off the needles without losing the strength needed for structured garments. The high quality of this yarn is due to the wonderful fleeces that the sheep produce and those with a discerning eye will be pleased to know of the high level of welfare that is afforded to the flock. Doulton Border Leicester yarn: High welfare, high quality.

Doulton Hare Mittens Knitting Kit

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The Doulton Hares Mittens were designed by my very good friend Chris, using 2 skeins of contrasting Doulton Border Leicester 4 Ply worsted spun yarn.

Many people who have seen them at shows have commented on their beauty and wanted to buy them from the display.

The kit includes the pattern (download link in order confirmation email) and sufficient 4ply yarn in the colours of your choice (two colours can be chosen). It is delivered in a strong, resealable polythene pack to protect your project whilst you work on it.

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